Do hackers have access to your private data?

Don't be a victim to online crime!
According to the latest FBI statistics on cybercrime, 52% of computer users experienced some sort of unauthorized use or intrusion of their computer systems in the last year. To put it another way, about 33.8%, or roughly a third, of all computers are victims of virus attacks each year.The estimated cost to US households for viruses, spyware and phishing is $4.55 billion.
Don't let cyber crooks hack into your PC.

Don’t let cyber crooks hack into your PC.

Are you worried that cyber crooks have free access to your personal information?

Right now, there is an 89% chance that your computer is infected with over 29 different spyware programs or malicious viruses without any visible signs. Don’t be a victim to online crime! This damaging software can slow down your computer, give you annoying pop-ups, and in some cases, let criminals access everything you type on your computer – account numbers, passwords, even your social security number!


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